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Counties and Metropolitan Statistical Areas in Hawaii. ... Metropolitan Statistical Areas. Kahului-Wailuku-Lahaina, HI. Urban Honolulu, HI.
Evaluating Cultural Vitality in U.S. Metropolitan
The Group 1 outlier MSAs were Honolulu and Portland. ... Raleigh, NC Metropolitan Statistical Area 48 Birmingham-Hoover, AL Metropolitan Statistical Area 49 Buffalo-Cheektowaga-Niagara Falls, NY Metropolitan Statistical Area 50 Salt Lake City, UT Metropolitan Statistical Area 51 Rochester, NY Metropolitan Statistical Area 52 Grand Rapids-Wyoming, MI Metropolitan Statistical Area 53 Tucson, AZ Metropolitan Statistical Area 54 Urban Honolulu, HI Metropolitan Statistical Area 55 Tulsa, OK Metropolitan Statistical Area 56.
Racial Integration in 100 Largest Metro Areas
The five metro areas that the historic index ranks as "least segregated" for African Americans and whites are Albuquerque, Honolulu, El Paso, Orange County (California), and Salt Lake City-Ogden. ... Once suburbanization of white residents expanded urban centers and some major cities became majority black, scholars and open housing advocates began using the index primarily for metropolitan statistical areas, as defined by the federal Office of Management and Budget.
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Federal Assistance Programs that Distributed Funds in the Honolulu, HI Metropolitan Area on the Basis of Census-Related Statistics, Fiscal Year 2008. ... Population Survey, Small Area Income and Poverty Estimates, and list of Urbanized Areas. • Per Capita Income (Bureau of Economic Analysis), Area Median Income and Fair Market Rents. (Department of Housing and Urban Development), Local Area Unemployment Statistics (Bureau of Labor Statistics), and statistical area delineations (Office of Management and Budget).
Slowest Urbanizing Metropolitan Areas
Highest Density Metropolitan Areas. Rank Persons Per Urbanized Acre. 1 Honolulu, HI. 12.36. 2 Los Angeles-Anaheim-Riverside, CA. ... The profile of the Primary Metropolitan Statistical Area looks quite different. 6 For a detailed description of sampling technique, see Fuller, Wayne A. (1999). Estimation Procedures for the United States National Resources Inventory.
Metropolitan gas cost vulnerability
Large metropolitan statistical areas (populations greater than 500,000): Top and bottom 20 . ... Table ES-­‐4. Metropolitan regions with highest gas cost vulnerability. Region. ... Washington-­‐Arlington-­‐Alexandria, 6 DC-­‐VA-­‐MD-­‐WV 7 Naples-­‐Marco Island, FL 8 San Francisco-­‐Oakland-­‐Fremont, CA 9 Honolulu, HI 10 Bremerton-­‐Silverdale, WA ... Hansen, M. 2007. “Road Supply and Traffic in California Urban Areas.”
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Rank of Sample Metropolitan Areas According to Urban Assimilation. ... FACTOR DESCRIPTION The descriptive characteristics of the metropolitan statistical areas selected to be in the sample of this study are mathematically ... Honolulu, HI Metro Area.
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Debbage only used the counties that were considered the urban core of the metropolitan areas in North and South Carolina rather than larger metropolitan area. Debbage also used total annual enplanements as the aviation activity statistic throughout the study (un-normalized by the population). ... 2 Honolulu, HI Metropolitan Statistical Area. Enplanements per Capita 11.690. Flight Departures per Capita 0.114.
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statistical area must have at least one urbanized areas of 50,000 or more inhabitants3. ... Honolulu, HI. ... metropolitan areas enjoyed their traditional advantages in urban chain
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urban. density. analysis. HOUSTON,TEXAS. Metropolitan Statistical Area. IMAGE SOURCE: Wikipedia via ... Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land Metropolitan Statistical Area (heretofore Greater Houston) lies in the southeast portion of the state of Texas. Until 1971, Greater Houston consisted of Harris and Brazoria counties.As of 2013, Greater Houston includes ten counties.Table 1.
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The Honolulu Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) encompasses the entire island of Oahu. ... This measurement is used to determine eligibility for many needs-based social services, including Social Security, Medicaid, and food stamps. metropolitan statistical area (MSA) Defined by the U.S. Office of Management and Budget as a core urban area of 50,000 or more population and consists of one or more counties that have a high degree of social and economic integration (as measured by commuting to work) with the urban core.
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statistical area; AND (2) at least 60% of the population of each metropolitan statistical area is urban. (B) the total population of the combination is less than one million and (1) their largest central cities are within 25 miles of one another, or the urbanized areas are contiguous; AND (2) there is definite evidence that ... 49 Rochester, NY 50 Salt Lake City, UT 51 Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk, CT 52 Honolulu, HI 53 Tulsa, OK 54 Dayton, OH 55 Tucson, AZ 56 Albany-Schenectady-Troy, NY 57 New Haven-Milford, CT 58 Fresno, CA 59 Raleigh-Cary, NC 60 Omaha-Council Bluffs, NE-IA 61 Oxnard-Thousand Oaks-Ventura...
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Source : Census Tabulations from the Metropolitan Transportation Comission, San Francisco Bay Area. ERH (Princeton University ). Lecture 4: Urban Amenities. ... Stylized facts: The Success of High Amenity Cities. TABLE 4. Ranking of Top and Bottom US MSA’s, according to Estimated Amenity Value. Metropolitan Statzstrcal Area (MSAI. Highest. Lowest. Honolulu, HI Santa Cruz, CA Santa Barbara-Santa Maria-Lompoc, CA Salinas-Seaside-Monterey, CA Los Angeles-Long Beach, CA San Francisco, CA San Jose, CA Santa Rosa-Petaluma, CA Oxnard-Ventura, CA San Diego, CA.
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In 1989, University of Hawaii economist Louis Rose published a pioneering article in which he computed an index of urban land supply that adjusted land availability in U.S. metropolitan areas for the presence of large bodies of water.30 The Honolulu land supply index had the lowest value of any major U.S. urban area, with just 47 percent of the land. ... 36 The estimate is derived using data from the U.S. Decennial Censuses of Housing on metropolitan statistical area housing.
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! Jacksonville FL. Honolulu !( HI. ! 50 most populous cities Metropolitan area. ... Micropolitan Statistical Areas are similar but smaller geographies, containing at least one urban cluster with a population between 10,000 and 50,000. Metropolitan and Micropolitan Statistical Areas are defined in terms of whole counties (or equivalent entities) and may span state borders.
Metropolitan State University is a public university in Minnesota that offers high-quality, flexible and affordable options in undergraduate, graduate and continuing education. We’ve earned a national reputation for innovative programs that empower students to finish what they started with the flexibility to schedule courses around their busy lifestyles - offering evening, weekend, online and combination online/classroom courses. ... Recent News. Graves Family Foundation awards $46K to School of Urban Education.
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Statistics for metropolitan areas (MAs) shown in the Statistical Abstract represent areas defined by the U.S. Office of Man-agement and Budget (OMB) according to published standards that are applied to Census Bureau data. The general concept of an MA is that of a core area containing a large population nucleus, together with adjacent communities having a high de-gree of economic and social integration with that core. ... Honolulu, HI MSA . ... . .
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Instead, Brugmann promoted the strategic design of urban areas. ... Fort Wort-Arlington, TX Metropolitan Division possessed the third highest talent pipeline score with 402.33 and 634 people completing aerotropolis-related training and ... Urban Honolulu, HI MSA.
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NLCD2006 is downloadable from the USGS as a GIS image le and is straight-forwardly matched to CPS metropolitan area codes using MSA boundary les. I use a cookie-cutter approach that “clips” NLCD2006 raster data with each MSA’s boundary to identify the portion of NLCD2006 within each MSA.33 MSA land area is then obtained by summing the number of urban pixels in each MSA and multiplying that ... Notes: Rankings are out of 257 MSAs in the continental United States as identied in the January 1994–December 2012 Current Population Survey (Anchorage, AK and Honolulu, HI excluded in NLCD2006).
In contrary to low density areas, high density urban form results in shorter trips. th 12 WCTR, July 11-15, 2010 – Lisbon, Portugal 15 Effects of Urban Form, Density and Land Value on Urban Mobility in Large Metropolitan Area: Istanbul, Turkey AKIN, Darcin; CELIK, Mehtap 180 158,24 160 140 A uto 120,51 122,42 Owners hip 120 (per 1000 pers on ). ... Lucas, T. Y. I, A. R. Archilla, C. S. Papacostas (2007). Mode choice behavior of elderly travelers in Honolulu, Hawaii.
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Urban Sprawl and Economic Performance of Metropolitan Areas 106. ... Metropolitan areas located within the Consolidated Metropolitan Statistical Areas (CMSAs) demonstrate a weak tendency to have a higher fragmentation ... 83 Honolulu, HI MSA.
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Primary cities are those that appear first in the official metropolitan statistical area (MSA) name, as well as any. BROOKINGS | May 2011. 3. other city in the MSA title with a population of at least 100,000. ... Rapids-Wyoming, MI Greensboro-High Point, NC Greenville-Mauldin-Easley, SC Harrisburg-Carlisle, PA Hartford-West Hartford-East Hartford, CT Honolulu, HI Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown, TX Indianapolis-Carmel, IN Jackson, MS Jacksonville, FL Kansas City, MO-KS Knoxville, TN Lakeland-Winter Haven, FL Las Vegas-Paradise, NV.
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10.9 90. Urban Honolulu, HI Metro Area. 9.8 97. Washington‐Arlington‐Alexandria, DC‐VA‐MD‐WV Metr. ... Virginia Beach‐Norfolk‐Newport Ne 16.0 97. Baltimore‐Columbia‐Towson, MD M 15.4 98. Urban Honolulu, HI Metro Area. 13.6 99.
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Metropolitan areas not only share in the state losses but also lose funds to other areas within the state because of the high relative undercounts of urban centers. ... Georgia Albany, GA MSA Athens, GA MSA Atlanta, GA MSA Augusta-Aiken, GA-SC MSA (GA portion) Chattanooga, TN-GA MSA (GA portion) Columbus, GA-AL MSA (GA portion) Macon, GA MSA Savannah, GA MSA. Hawaii Honolulu, HI MSA.
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Journal of Urban Economics 79 (2014) 59–71. Fig. 1. Labor force participation trends of non-Hispanic white married women with a high school degree. policy differences, of course, are much smaller across locations in the US than OECD countries. The cross-city variation in female labor sup-ply in the US is apparently generated by characteristics of the local markets themselves. ... This study focuses on the labor supply of married non-Hispanic white women who live in the 50 largest Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) in the United States.
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• Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA): MSAs are designated by the U.S. Office of Management and Budget (OMB) as having a large population nucleus, together with adjacent communities having a high degree of economic and social integration with that nucleus. ... GA Savannah, GA GA-AL Columbus, GA-AL GA-SC Augusta-Aiken, GA-SC. HI Honolulu, HI IA Cedar Rapids, IA IA Des Moines, IA.
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Exploring the Relationship between Neighborhood Social Interactions and Urban Sprawl in U.S Metropolitan Regions. ... However, two metropolitan regions - Miami Hialeah, FL PMSA and Honolulu, HI MSA ... centers within the same. metropolitan statistical area.
The Interaction of Metropolitan Area Costs and the
...housing costs of the Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) – to examine ... Other EITC work that examines geographic variation focuses on take-up of the credit and suggests that urban areas have lower utilization rates than other areas (Maynard and ... Looking across metropolitan areas, higher-cost areas have more single women who ... Metropolitan Areas San Francisco-Oakland-Vallejo, CA San Jose, CA Honolulu, HI Santa Cruz, CA...
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Micropolitan statistical areas are defined around urban clusters with at least 10,000 residents but less than 50,000. Once the core county, or counties, have been identified, then contiguous counties may be included in the CBSA if their commuting ties with the core are strong enough. ... An important caveat to keep in mind when interpreting these data is that they are not comparable to an urban/rural classification. Counties included in metropolitan and micropolitan areas can include both urban and rural territory (see Isserman (2005) for more).
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Enhanced planning review of the Honolulu, HI metropolitan area. Saved in ... Similar Items. Enhanced planning review of the Cleveland, OH metropolitan area Published: (1996).
The Geography of Urban Poverty
The urban and metro areas are sorted from highest to lowest. El Paso and Memphis, the two places that represent large proportions of land area and population for these surrounding geographies, have the highest poverty rates. Poverty rates for the remaining eight urban and metro areas fall below 15%. ... With respect to the ten lowest rates, Honolulu, HI is on the list for all three geographies. San Jose makes the list for places and urbanized areas but not metropolitan areas.
The Atlanta Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) with the largest number of domestic migrants, 507,000, only had 83,000 immigrants. ... Los Angeles-Anaheim-Riverside, CA CMSA San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, CA CMSA New York-Northern N. J.-Long Island, NY-NJ-CT CMSA Honolulu, HI MSA Chicago-Gary-Lake County, IL-IN-WI CMSA Washington, DC-MD-VA MSA San Diego, CA MSA Seattle-Tacoma, WA CMSA Houston-Galveston-Brazoria, TX CMSA Philadelphia-Wilmington-Trenton, PA-NJ-DE-MD CMSA.
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2001. “Measuring ‘Sprawl’: Alternative Measures of Urban Form in U.S. Metropolitan Areas.” ... Gadsden, AL MSA Gainesville, FL MSA Glens Falls, NY MSA Goldsboro, NC MSA Grand Junction, CO MSA Grand Rapids--Muskegon--Holla Great Falls, MT MSA Green Bay, WI MSA Greensboro--Winston-Salem--Hi Greenville, NC MSA Greenville--Spartanburg--Ande Harrisburg--Lebanon--Carlisle Hattiesburg, MS MSA Hickory--Morganton--Lenoir, N Honolulu, HI MSA Houma, LA MSA Brazoria, TX PMSA Galveston--Texas City, TX P.
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This policy brief explores differences in access to health care services for the mod-erate- and low-income, nonelderly popula-tion residing in 29 metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs), focusing on the effects of insurance status on access to services. ... Variation Across Urban Areas in Access to Care Across the 29 urban areas examined, 19% of the moderate- and low-income population lacks a usual source of care.
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Metropolitan and Micropolitan Statistical Areas are together termed Core Based Statistical Areas (CBSAs) and are defined by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and consist of the county or counties or equivalent entities associated with at least one urban core (urbanized area or urban cluster) of at least 10,000 population, plus adjacent counties having a high degree of social and economic.
Urban Population and Amenities
We dene cities at the Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) level using 1999 Ofce of Management and Budget consolidated denitions (e.g., San Francisco is combined with Oakland and San Jose), of which there are 276. ... New York, Northern New Jersey, Long Island, NY-NJ-CT-PA Honolulu, HI Los Angeles-Riverside-Orange County, CA San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, CA Chicago-Gary-Kenosha, IL-IN-WI Miami-Fort Lauderdale, FL Philadelphia-Wilmington-Atlantic City, PA-NJ-DE-MD San Diego, CA Salinas (Monterey-Carmel), CA Boston-Worcester-Lawrence, MA-NH-ME-CT ...
Effects of Urban Sprawl On Obesity
proportion of a metropolitan area living in dense areas (i.e. census tracts), which we use as a. proxy for urban sprawl and the built environment, and the weight of residents in that area. ... selected sub-areas were identified. We excluded metropolitan areas that appeared only in 1995-. 96 and those with no central city.10 Honolulu, HI and Anchorage, AK are also excluded from.
House Price Indices from the 1984–1992 MSA American
...for 60 metropolitan areas surveyed in the Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area Annual ... Metropolitan Area Grand Rapids, MI (SMSA) Hartford, CT (CMSA) Honolulu, HI ... in large urban areas rather than the characteristics peculiar to any one urban area.
Figure 1a. U.S. Metropolitan and non-metropolitan...
U.S. Honolulu, HI. ... Metropolitan Area. ... ** 1993 USDA Urban Influence Codes were used to determine which non-MSA group the various non-metro counties belong to; 2000 population data and 1999 MSA definitions were used to determine which counties are...
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Rural residents are also more likely to be uninsured for longer periods of time, and are less likely than urban residents to receive some types of health care, including tests for various chronic conditions. Limited access to health care in rural areas is generally associated with the fact that there are fewer providers. This Profile compares people who live in a metro-politan statistical area (MSA) to those who do not (non-MSA).
MSAs include a core urban area of at least 50,000 residents, the county in which the core urban area is located, and adjacent counties with a "high degree of social and economic integration with the core as measured by commuting ties"2. MSAs are an important geographic unit to study as they represent clusters of zip codes across city, county, and sometimes. ... Louisville, KY Boise City, ID Scranton-Wilkes-Barre-Hazleton, PA* Syracuse, NY* Honolulu, HI Winston-Salem, NC* Rochester, NY* Richmond, VA.
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• Metropolitan Statistical Area. – Has at least one urbanized area that has a population of at least 50,000. – Comprises the central county or counties containing the core, plus adjacent outlying counties having a high degree of social and economic integration with the central county or counties as measured through commuting. ... • The FHWA uses the term Federal-Aid Urban Area (FAUA) to distinguish the adjusted urban area boundaries allowed for transportation purposes from those designated by the Census Bureau.
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There are 104 MSAs within the USA (excluding non-state territories) that fit this criteria and were included in our study, see Appendix 1 for a list. The names of cities in the MSAs are from the table “Principal cities of metropolitan and micropolitan statistical areas” from the US Census Bureau (US Census Bureau, 2016b). ... AZ Metro Area Urban Honolulu, HI Metro Area Tulsa, OK Metro Area Fresno, CA Metro Area Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk, CT Metro Area Worcester, MA-CT Metro Area Albuquerque, NM Metro Area Omaha-Council Bluffs, NE-IA Metro Area Albany-Schenectady-Troy, NY Metro Area Bakersfield...
How Can Struggling Communities
Michael K. Martin, Kathleen M. Carley and Neal Altman
Smaller urban areas are simply designated Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs). ... MSA Honolulu, HI MSA Houma, LA MSA Houston, TX PMSA Huntsville, AL MSA Indianapolis, IN MSA Iowa City, IA MSA Jackson, MI MSA Jackson, MS MSA Jackson, TN MSA Jacksonville, FL MSA Jacksonville, NC MSA Jamestown, NY MSA Janesville--Beloit, WI MSA Jersey City, NJ PMSA Johnson City--Kingsport--Bristol, TN--VA MSA Johnstown, PA MSA Joplin, MO MSA.
Chronically-Distressed M etropolitan Area Economies
...theory and recommendations that are relevant for metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) that have ... Pack (2002), building off a report from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban ... Great Falls MT. Honolulu, HI. Huntington-Ashland, WV-KY-OH. Kingston, NY.
Features | State and Metropolitan Area Data Book 1997-98
The MAs pre-sented in table sets B and C of this publication include 245 metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs), 17 consolidated met-ropolitan statistical areas (CMSAs) and their 58 primary ... Department of Housing and Urban Development. ... Honolulu, HI MSA.
Features | State and Metropolitan Area Data Book 1997-98
The MAs pre-sented in table sets B and C of this publication include 245 metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs), 17 consolidated met-ropolitan statistical areas (CMSAs) and their 58 primary ... Department of Housing and Urban Development. ... Honolulu, HI MSA.
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...they are seen as census-derived statistical artifacts as opposed to “real” places.1 Yet a CDP is a ... 3 The largest CDPs are technically Honolulu, HI followed by Arlington, VA, but they ... Some states and metropolitan areas have large urban counties that assume the...
The Asian Population: 2010
percent in other counties near metropolitan statistical areas in the West, such as Los Angeles, CA; Las Vegas, NV; Portland, OR; and Seattle, WA. ... 1 Urban Honolulu CDP, HI, is a census designated place (CDP). CDPs are the statistical counterparts of incorporated places and are delineated to provide data for settled concentrations of population that are identifiable by name but are not legally incorporated under the laws of the state in which they are located.
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California Air Resources Board Core-Based Statistical Area – An area defined by the U.S. Office of Management and Budget to identify core urban areas and adjacent areas. ... Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Gainesville, GA-AL Combined Statistical Area (GA Part) Savannah-Hinesville-Fort Stewart, GA Combined Statistical Area Remainder of Georgia Hawaii Honolulu, HI Metropolitan Statistical Area.
Road network circuity in metropolitan areas
This paper measures the circuity of the 51 most populated Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) in the United States and identies trends in those ... Implications about changing urban form are identied in Section . ... Of 51 metropolitan areas, 41 yielded statistically signicant results, 35 metropolitan areas showed ... The only cases where the unweighted circuity is higher than the weighted circuity were Honolulu and Salt Lake City for all three...
The Uses of Metropolitan and Micropolitan Statistical Areas...
Although the metropolitan and micropolitan statistical area concept still represents an urban center along with the surrounding socially and economically integrated area, the definition of the urban center and the relationship between the core and surrounding territory has changed as settlement patterns and process have changed. The review also took advantage of new theoretical approaches to interpreting and understanding the growth and changing structure of urban and metropolitan areas in the United States.
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Because urban area GDP data is unavailable, this study substituted metropolitan statistical area (MSA) personal income data for the MSAs that coincide with the TTI urban areas. ... Colorado Springs CO, Denver-Aurora-Broomfield CO, Eugene-Springfield. OR, Fresno CA, Honolulu HI, Las Vegas-Paradise NV, Los Angeles-Long. Beach-Santa Ana CA , Oxnard-Thousand Oaks-Ventura CA, Phoenix-Mesa-. Western Glendale AZ, Portland-Vancouver-Hillsboro OR-WA, Riverside-San.
Measuring The Impact of Urban Amenities on
This study's sample size consists of thirty-one metropolitan statistical areas in the continental U.S. with a population greater than five hundred thousand. Results support a significant impact of urban amenities on wages. ... Would a household accustomed to living in Atlanta be willing to move to Honolulu or Anchorage because they expect to earn $200 more each year in either of those locations? My answe~ is certainly not. However, this study and many others are predicated upon the answer: yes.
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When attending courses on HPU's downtown campus you will experience the excitement of being in a major urban area. Hawai'i Pacific University's downtown campus is located in the major financial and governmental center of the State of Hawai'i. Learn about the buildings by clicking on its name on the right. ... Click on the map for a larger version. 1 Aloha Tower Drive Honolulu, HI 96813 T: +1 808 544-0200 Toll Free: +1 866-CALL-HPU.
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PMSA (90): a primary metropolitan statistical area defines...
• CMSA (90): a consolidated metropolitan area is an MA of more than 1 million people which may included one or more PMSAs (see below); this concept provides an umbrella classification for cities whose economies are closely tied.2. • PMSA (90): a primary metropolitan statistical area defines a large urbanized county or cluster of counties that demonstrate very strong internal economic and social links within a CMSA. ... C/MSA Name. 3283 Hartford-New Britain-Middletown-Bristol CT. 3320 Honolulu, HI 3362 Houston-Galveston-Brazoria, TX (C).
The urban development of metropolitan
area with Barcelona metropolitan area. Report 03. Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya Centre de Política de Sòl i Valoracions. The urban development of metropolitan regions determines the location factors of. ... With the information of the training level of each occupation of all the economic sectors, the work places with higher qualifications for each of the economic activities and their homogeneous groups can be found by using statistical techniques of principal components analysis and hierarchical cluster analysis.
The Ten Most and Least Expensive Urban Areas
Nine metropolitan areas in Louisiana were included in the 2008-2009 results. Of the participating cities, Monroe had the 7th lowest 4-quarter average cost of living in the State. Baton Rouge had the lowest annual average at 92.1%. New Orleans area was the highest at 105.8% followed by the surrounding Slidell/St. Tammany Parish area at 99.8 ... Urban Areas. New York (Manhattan) NY New York (Brooklyn) NY Honolulu HI San Francisco CA New York (Queens) NY San Jose CA Truckee CA Stamford CT Orange County CA Nassau County NY. COL Index. 217.5 176.4 164.9 162.7 157.7 156.1 148.4 147.6 147.3 144.6.
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Urban Places: Statistical Denitions
Urban Places: Statistical Denitions. Richard L Forstall, Alexandria, VA, USA Kam Wing Chan, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, USA. Ó 2015 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved. ... Many countries recognize urban as including overow and suburbs outside municipal limits, giving rise to additional denitions such as urbanized areas and metropolitan areas. This article discusses the US denition of urban and its evolution, summarizes the US metropolitan denition, and compares the urban denitions of the 40 countries with the largest urban populations, with special attention to China.
Census 2010 Participation Rate Analysis (Week 2)
Honolulu, HI. ... We also separately determined which tracts were located in central cities based on metropolitan statistical areas. ... In non-urban areas it rose somewhat slower, by 12 points (from 54%).
Housing Data Between
Albany-Schenectady-Troy, NY** Allentown-Bethlehem-Easton, PA-NJ** Colorado Springs, CO** Grand Rapids, MI** Honolulu, HI** Las Vegas, NV** Louisville, KY-IN** Madison, WI** Newark-NJ (now covered by Northern NJ)** Norfolk-Virginia Beach-Newport News, VA MSA Omaha, NE-IA** Orlando, FL** Paterson-Clifton, Passaic, NJ (Now covered by Northern NJ)** Raleigh, NC** Saginaw, MI** San Francisco-Oakland, CA PMSAs. ... Shown too, are total statistics for inside and outside Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) and urban and rural areas.
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Large cities and metropolitan areas offer access to a larger and more diverse set of ... It is particu-larly difficult to reconstruct data on the location of musicians and musical groups because of the changing definition of metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) and data suppression. ... thus make it empirically difficult to identify clusters outside of large urban areas. ... Nashville-Davidson-Murfreesboro,TN Honolulu, HI New York-Northern New...
An economic perspective on urban sprawl
The primary distinction between a metropolitan area and an urbanized area is that the boundary of a. Census designated urban area need not follow political boundaries. An empirical comparison of the degree of urban sprawl in different metropolitan areas in the. American West must begin with a unit of analysis. ... The first column of this table provides the metropolitan area’s name and whether the U.S. Census Bureau considers it a Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) or a Primary Metropolitan Statistical Area (PMSA).3.
Are We Done Fighting Traffic? Planning
I focus on transportation policies and urban spatial structure in four high-congestion MSAs which (according to Chapter 5 results) are also among the most vulnerable to congestion’s potential economic drag. While each of these MSAs has grown significantly since 1990, two are highly congestion resilient and two are congestion unresilient. ... Data for each transit service provider from the National Transit Database are manually identified according to the U.S. Census Bureau’s Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) boundary definitions.
Are land use planning and gasoline price increase
Among them four UAs are excluded for various reasons: San Juan, PR and Honolulu, HI ... high: i.e. New York Primary Metropolitan Statistical Area (PMSA) has the highest score ... In brief, urban areas with growth management policies show higher elasticity of...
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Urban Ecological Planning (UEP) is a practice based program that enables students to develop skills and knowledge to address complex urban issues in rapidly changing social, cultural, political and environmental contexts. The program stresses on an integrated approach to strategic spatial change, with a specific focus on participatory, inclusive and developmental planning practice.
Table 1: Metropolitan Statistical Areas and Planning...
Fig-ure 1 shows the locations of these Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs).3. ... Honolulu, HI. Oahu Metropolitan Planning Organization. ... Second, they believe that it will serve to channel real estate development into the urban core – and away from the...
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An employment interchange between the urban area and a surrounding county has to reach at least 25 percent for the county to be classified as a part of the Core Based Statistical Area. The definitions divide the CBSA into two groups, based on the size of the urban core: Metropolitan Areas are centered on a core of at least 50,000 inhabitants, whereas Micropoli-tan Areas are centered around clusters of at least 10,000 population.
U.S. Research Report | Themes in Top Metro Areas
Millennials are moving to apartment-dominated urban areas, marrying later and having fewer children. ... Below we present the top 20 Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA) within ... 15, 2016. San Francisco, CA Orange County, CA San Jose, CA Honolulu, HI...
Table A-1. Summary Statistics, by Metropolitan Area, 1980a
The canonical monocentric model of an urban area begins with the assumption that all ... CT Hartford GA Atlanta HI Honolulu IA Des Moines IN Indianapolis LA Baton Rouge MA ... whose jobs may locate anywhere within the metropolitan statistical area (MSA).
Definition: Metropolitan and Micropolitan Areas
Metropolitan and micropolitan statistical areas (metro and micro areas) are geographic entities defined by the U.S. Office of Management and Budget (OMB)—not the Census Bureau—for use by federal statistical agencies in collecting, tabulating, and publishing federal statistics. Definitions The term core based statistical area (CBSA) is a collective term for both metro and micro areas. A metropolitan area contains a core urban area of 50,000 or more population.
Appendix A.
Metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) are metropolitan areas (MAs) that are not closely associated with other MAs. These areas typically are surrounded by nonmetropolitan counties (county subdi-visions in New England). ... By agreement with the state of Hawaii, the U.S. Census Bureau does not show data separately for the city of Honolulu, which is coextensive with Honolulu County.
Urban spatial structure
14Smaller urban regions, and a few large ones like that surrounding Washington, D.C., are not classified as CMSAs but rather as Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs). Both CMSAs and MSAs are collections of whole counties (except in New England) that are highly integrated; the MSA is closest to what before 1983 was defined as a Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area (SMSA). The CMSA typically combines several adjacent areas formerly classified as SMSAs, most of which are now called Primary Metropolitan Statistical Areas (PMSAs).
Environmental Impacts of Urban Growth | Seto Lab
We develop new algorithms for processing this data, apply spatial statistical analysis to discover trends, and use coupled human–environment system models to predict future impacts. Recent Findings. The conversion of Earth’s land surface to urban uses is one of the most irreversible human ... Are larger cities more energy and emissions efficient than smaller ones? Do larger cities exhibit gains from economies of scale with regard to emissions? Here we examine the relationship between city size and CO2 emissions for U.S. metropolitan areas using a production accounting allocation of emissions.
Do Conspicuous Consumers Pay Higher
...for high-end houses in US Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) during 2004-2011. ... indexes from nominal to real terms by deflating using the CPI (all urban consumers). ... Ana, CA New York-Northern New Jersey-Long Island, NY-NJ-PA Honolulu, HI San...
The Pennsylvania State University | Chapter 2 Study area
The 74 urban metropolitan regions in the FAF3 are based on delineations of Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) and Combined Statistical Areas (CSAs) (FHWA 2012). A MSA is an urban area that has at least one urban core with a population of 50,000 or more. ... CSA (OH Part) Cleveland OH CSA Columbus OH CSA Corpus Christi TX CSA Dallas-Fort Worth TX CSA Dayton OH CSA Delaware Denver CO CSA Detroit MI CSA El Paso TX MSA Grand Rapids MI CSA Greensboro-Winston-Salem-High Point NC CSA Greenville SC CSA Hartford CT CSA Honolulu HI MSA Houston TX CSA Idaho...
Occupation lists cross walk | Select a Metropolitan Area
MSA Hickory-Morganton-Lenoir, NC MSA Honolulu, HI MSA Houma, LA MSA Houston, TX PMSA Huntington-Ashland, WV-KY-OH MSA Huntsville, AL MSA Indianapolis, IN MSA Iowa City, IA MSA Jackson, MI MSA Jackson, MS MSA Jackson, TN MSA Jacksonville, FL MSA Jacksonville, NC MSA Jamestown, NY MSA Janesville-Beloit, WI MSA Jersey City, NJ PMSA Johnson City-Kingsport-Bristol, TN-VA. ... Copyright (c) 2002 by The Lewis Mumford Center for Comparative Urban and Regional Research.
The only exception was Washington, D.C. Of the 11 dense, non-sunbelt cities that grew in the 1990s, eight had more college graduates than high school dropouts (in 1990): Boston, MA, Omaha, NE, Portland, OR, Honolulu, HI, St. Paul, MN, Minneapolis, MN, Seattle, WA, and Columbus, OH. ... Generally the approach of geographic economists tends to focus on Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs). These are multi-county units that are meant to capture local labor markets.
Maintaining racial inequalities through crime control
Second, the consolidated metropolitan statistical area (CMSA) is too large. ... Meanwhile, metropolitan areas that have failed to develop much urban revitalization ... CT MSA Hattiesburg, MS MSA Hickory-Morganton-Lenoir, NC MSA Honolulu, HI MSA Houma...
The urban population proportions and urban economic structures of the North and the South were not similar in the initial years following reunification in 1975. Consequently, northern and southern urban areas were noticeably different in the ways in which they attracted urban migrants. ... 1978. Circulation in the Context of Total Mobility in Southeast Asia. East-West Center. Honolulu. Hawaii. Greenwood, Machael J. 1972. “The Determinants of Migration Between Standard Metropolitan Statistical Areas.”
Fordham Urban Law Journal | HIGH-COST LENDING
High levels of segregation can create pockets of dense poverty within urban areas, magni-fying the vulnerability of community members to the effects of an eco ... 40. “Metropolitan-level segregation” refers to the degree of racial or ethnic segregation measured at the level of the metropolitan statistical area. 41. As introduced by John Kain in 1968, “spatial mismatch” is the idea that segregation separates communities from access to jobs because these communities are often spatially separate from employment centers.
Regional Intelligence Report
It is also noteworthy that growth, which began in the large urban centers located predominantly along the coast, has begun to spread to other coastal and inland regions across California, with areas ... Rank Metropolitan Statistical Area. ... 13 Honolulu, HI.
Urban Studies Journals
*City & Community: Advances urban sociological theory, promote the highest quality empirical research on communities and urban social life, and encourage sociological perspectives on urban policy. ... Subjects include affordable housing policy, fair housing policy, land use regulations influencing housing affordability, metropolitan development trends, and linkages among housing policy and energy, environmental, and transportation policy. ^Housing Studies: Explores a range of academic and policy concerns including the following: linkages between housing and other areas of social and economic policy; the...
320 `"Hamilton-Middleton, OH"', add label define metarea_lbl 324 `"Harrisburg-Lebanon--Carlisle, PA"', add label define metarea_lbl 328 `"Hartford-Bristol-Middleton- New Britain, CT"', add label define metarea_lbl 329 `"Hickory-Morgantown, NC"', add label define metarea_lbl 330 `"Hattiesburg, MS"', add label define metarea_lbl 332 `"Honolulu, HI"', add label define metarea_lbl 335 `"Houma-Thibodoux, LA"', add label define. ... sort metarea ; merge metarea using wage_msa_2000_new_high_women_old; tab _merge; drop _merge
The Review of Higher Education
Putting two facts together suggests the importance of urban post-secondary institutions: (1) More than 80 percent of students enrolled in postsecondary institutions commute (i.e., "do not live in institutionally owned housing" Uacoby 1989, I]), and (2) 77 percent of all Americans live in metropolitan regions with populations greater than 100,000 (i.e., metropolitan statistical areas [U.S. Bureau of the. Census 19901).
Confounds and Consequences in Geotagged Twitter Data
We focus on the ten largest metropolitan areas in the United States, and con-sider three sampling techniques: drawing an equal number of GPS-tagged tweets from each area; drawing a county-balanced sample of GPS-tagged messages to correct Twitter’s urban skew (Hecht and Stephens, 2014); and drawing a sample of location-annotated messages, using the location eld in the user. ... In Proceedings of Em-pirical Methods for Natural Language Processing (EMNLP), pages 973–981, Honolulu, HI, October.
Culture Shocks and Consequences
We have assembled a balanced panel data set covering 384 Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA) or Metropolitan Statistical Area Divisions (MSAD) following the denitions put forward by OMB (2009) (Oce of Management and Budget). ... Junction, CO Great Falls, MT Greeley, CO Hanford-Corcoran, CA Honolulu, HI Idaho Falls, ID Kennewick-Pasco-Richland, WA Lake Havasu City-Kingman, AZ Las Cruces, NM. Table 6 – Continued from previous page. βi t Western Urban Areas.
Technical Documentation
Metropolitan statistical area Micropolitan statistical area Urban area (Urban/Rural Update file only) Congressional district (111th Congress) State legislative district American Indian and Alaska Native area and Hawaiian home land ZIP Code® tabulation area (ZCTA™). USER UPDATES.
For NPTS households living in 119 Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) we ... Malpezzi, Stephen, 1999, Estimates of the Measurement and Determinants of Urban Sprawl in U.S. Metropolitan Areas, Mimeo, University of Wisconsin. ... Honolulu, HI 36.
Metropolitan area - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A metropolitan area, sometimes referred to as a metro area or metro, is a region consisting of a densely populated urban core and its less-populated surrounding territories, sharing industry, infrastructure, and housing.
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MSA University - Established By Dr. Nawal El Degwi in 1996
MSA University has been validated by two of the top universities in the United Kingdom; these are Bedfordshire and Greenwich Universities. Accordingly, our graduates receive dual degrees, a British degree and an Egyptian one accredited by the Egyptian Supreme Council for Universities. ... - High-school Academic Merit Scholarships (Academic Scholarships for the first academic semester at MSA). - Bedfordshire and Greenwich Universities award 20 scholarships annually to the top MSA graduates to pursue their masters degree.
All cities were in standard metropolitan statistical areas. Utilising data from the I960 census of population for each of the study cities, Schuster developed eight prediction equations which were said to "permit the development of the travel patterns of urban areas." The equations or models were derived using regression techniques.
Western Regional Science Association
4:00–4:45 Mortgage Lending Patterns in Rural and Urban Areas Scott HOUSER ... Colorado, Boulder, USA 2:45–3:30 European Economic Development: Evaluation Using Selected Spatial Statistical Tools Joe FRANCIS and Antoni ... Biotech Industry: Growth and Policy Implications Thomas LOUDAT, TAL Associates, Honolulu, HI ... California, Los Angeles 9:45–10:30 Urban Spatial Structure and Commuting in U.S. Metropolitan Areas...
Environmental Health Insights
2Department of Public Health Sciences, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu, HI, USA. ... Honolulu, Hawaii is home to about 400,000 citizens, comprising the highest non-Hispanic multiracial pop-ulation percentage of any US Metropolitan area. ... All HD neighborhoods were located in urban areas that were predominantly lower SES ... Table 2 presents urban Honolulu store type distribution by neighborhood income and ethnic...
In the U.S., an urbanized area is usually defined as a central city plus its contiguously built-up suburban area where the population exceeds 1,000 persons per square mile. About 60 percent of the U.S. population lives in urban areas so defined. Another definition of a metropolitan statistical area (or MSA) includes the center city, which must have a population of 50,000, the county in which the city is located, and the adjacent counties with at least 15 percent of their residents working in the center city's county.
Employment Decentralization and | Top 49 MSAs
Undeveloped land area (Urban sprawl). ... • Los Angeles MSA. 30% in 30 job centers. Housing cost elasticity. Debarshi Indra, “Choice of residence location and mode of. 0.35. commuting: a cross-sectional analysis of 275 US metropolitan areas” (Working Paper).
Is Memphis the Poorest City or Not?
In other words, a higher ranking is not desirable. Note that there are fewer cities with more than half a million people than Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA) with more than a million people. ... Seattle city, Washington Colorado Springs city, Colorado Chula Vista city, California San Francisco city, California Urban Honolulu CDP, Hawaii Chandler city, Arizona Anchorage municipality, Alaska Henderson city, Nevada San Jose city, California Virginia Beach city, Virginia Plano city, Texas.
Neighborhood Change in Metropolitan America
Over the past few decades, urban economists have been trying to demonstrate the transition from mono-centric forms to a polycentric structure of employment and population in U.S. metropolitan areas (Cervero, 1989; McMillen, 2001; Musterd and Zelm, 2001; Roca Cladera et al., 2009). ... Los Angeles-Long Beach-Santa Ana, CA Metropolitan Statistical Area San Francisco-Oakland-Fremont, CA Metropolitan Statistical Area New York-Northern New Jersey-Long Island, NY-NJ-PA Metropolitan Statistical Area Chicago-Joliet-Naperville, IL-IN-WI Metropolitan Statistical Area Honolulu, HI Metropolitan...
Metropolitan statistical area designations...
Calendar life studies of lithium-ion batteries
Background Lithium ion batteries are currently used in a wide range of applications. NASA. uses high capacity lithium-ions batteries for its space mission. The battery should ensure long life and less self-discharge capacity loss in order to be used in long-term space missions. We, at the University of South Carolina are studying the calendar life performance of pouch Li-ion batteries.
Urban | Industrial area
Urban geochemistry: investigations in the Berlin metropolitan area. Environmental Geochemistry and Health 22, 233e248. Boyajian, G.E., Carreira, L.H., 1997. ... Environmental Science and Technology 10, 773e777. Sutherland, R.A., 2003. A rst look at platinum in road-deposited sediments and roadside soils, Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii. Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 44, 430e436.
Clark, C. (1951), "Urban Population Densities," Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series A114: 490-496. Concannon, T. A. L. (1955), "A New Town in Malaya: Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur," Malayan Journal of Tropical Geography 5, 39-43. ... Introduction The context: Globalization of the Indonesian economy Jabotabek, the Jakarta metropolitan area The Jabotabek region's national and international linkages Note References. Budhy Tjahjati S. Soegijoko.
Graduate School of Education
- Sargent, Tanja. Institutionalizing Educational Ideologies: Organizational Control of Classroom Instruction in China. Paper presented at the Comparative and International Education Society annual meeting in Honolulu, HI (March 2006). Weber, Keith. ... Boling, Erica. - 2006-2007: Disciplined Based Literacy In Urban High Schools: A school-wide approach to improving literacy achievement. Johnson and Johnson. - 2006-2007: Developing Literacy Skills in a Digital Age Society.
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There are three types of metropolitan areas. If a metropolitan area has a total population of less than 1,000,000, the area is designated a Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA). ... Central city The largest city of a metropolitan area (MA) or, from the 1950 through 1980 censuses, an urbanized area (UA); also included as central cities are the census designated place (CDP) of Honolulu in Hawaii, highly urban minor civil divisions (MCDs) in Massachusetts and New Jersey, and several zonas urbanas in Puerto Rico.
4. MSA-level transit-agglomeration-productivity analysis
Section 1
Three Essays on Urban Location Choice and
The Metropolitan Statistical Area comprises the central county or counties containing the core, plus adjacent outlying counties having a high degree of social and economic integration with the central county or counties as measured through commuting. (Oce of Management and Budget, Federal Register Vol. 75, No. 123 June 28, 2010). ... CT. Lansing. MI Honolulu. HI. Littlerock.
CHAPTER | The Metropolitan Patchwork
1. A definition of metropolitan areas will be provided later in this chapter. Suffice it to say that metropolitan areas are the largest urbanized areas and that 81.7 percent of all people living in metropolitan areas also live in urban areas. ... PMSAs are metro politan statistical areas that are part of consolidated metropolitan statistical areas (CMSAs), the largest recognized population areas (they must have at least 1 million people).
U.S. Core Based Statistical Areas
Each Metropolitan Statistical Area must have at least one urbanized area of 50,000 or more inhabitants. ... Purpose: U.S. Core Based Statistical Areas provides the names and types of core-based statistical areas. Supplemental_Information: Largest scale when displaying the data: 1:100,000.
Varying significance of influencing
In the U.S. group, the unit of analysis was MSAs (metropolitan statistical area). ... Review of the physiology of human thermal comfort while exercising in urban ... GA Metro Area Holland-Grand Haven, MI Metro Area Honolulu, HI Metro Area Hot Springs, AR...
What is a Metropolitan Statistical Area and why are there so...
MSA is an acronym for Metropolitan Statistical Area. Geographic entities like counties, cities and towns are grouped together, based on standards defined by the U.S. Office of Management and Budget (OMB). ... While an urban cluster with a population of at least 10,000 people but not more than 50,000 people, is defined to be a Micropolitan Statistical Area. 2. Central counties will have at least 50% of their population in different urban areas or within a single urban area.
Urban Patterns | Social Area Analysis
– Cities – Urbanized areas – Metropolitan areas. • Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA). – The functional area of a city – Includes surrounding commuter communities. • Urban growth has caused adjacent metropolitan areas to overlap. – Megalopolis – BoWash – from Boston to Washington DC is all one. continuous urban area. St. Louis, urbanized area and the Metropolitan Statistical Area.
urban and rural areas. ... Florida the exceptions. = The largest intra-area metropolitan-nonmetropolitan income gap at each budget level. ... Anchorage, Alaska and Honolulu, Hawaii were not considered due to the special circumstance and remoteness...
The metropolitan area consists of 14 urban districts in the. city proper (2057 km2) and six sub-urban counties. ... University of Hawaii Press, Honolulu. ... State Statistical Bureau (1995) China Urban Statistical Yearbook 1995, China Stat-istical Publishing House...
Federal Trade Commission
Tulsa, OK Metropolitan Statistical Area Tupelo, MS Micropolitan Statistical Area Tuscaloosa, AL Metropolitan Statistical Area Tyler, TX Metropolitan Statistical Area Urban Honolulu, HI Metropolitan Statistical Area Utica-Rome, NY Metropolitan Statistical Area Valdosta, GA Metropolitan Statistical Area Vallejo-Fairfield, CA Metropolitan Statistical Area Vineland-Bridgeton, NJ Metropolitan Statistical Area Virginia Beach-Norfolk-Newport News, VA-NC Metropolitan Statistical Area Visalia-Porterville, CA Metropolitan.
Results reveal a high and increasing level of integration
Results of the analysis indicate high levels of US metropolitan housing market ... Those areas were characterized by high levels of subprime lending, elastic land and ... Nichols, Joseph, S. Oliner and M. Mulhall, “Swings in Commercial and Residential Land Prices in the United States”, Forthcoming, Journal of Urban Economics (2012). ... Hickory Hinesville Holland Honolulu Hot Springs Houma Houston Huntington Huntsville Idaho Falls...
Comparative Research
Published Journal of Urban Health, 2004. Abstract Objectives: This paper estimates the ... Third, the economic, social and commuting unity of metropolitan areas makes them a reasonable unit in which to study drug-related HIV and other epidemics. ... Table I. Component estimates and average estimate of numbers of injection drug users (IDUs) in each of 96 large US metropolitan statistical areas* Metropolitan area. ... Honolulu .
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Seniors. Commencement Video. The class of 2017 commencement video is available for viewing. See the Graduates!
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Atlanta Metropolitan State College. Interested in AMSC? ... The Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement (MESA) Program provides science, technology, engineering, and math majors support to excel academically while completing their degree in a STEM area. Read More>>. Summer Student Loan Application.
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! Jacksonville FL. Honolulu !( HI. ! 50 most populous cities Metropolitan area. ... Micropolitan Statistical Areas are similar but smaller geographies, containing at least one urban cluster with a population between 10,000 and 50,000. Metropolitan and Micropolitan Statistical Areas are defined in terms of whole counties (or equivalent entities) and may span state borders.
Rural and urban | metro
The definition of ‘rural’ versus ‘urban’ areas used in the LSAY research is based on the following measures. The first measure simply distinguishes metropolitan students (living in a capital city with 100,000 or more inhabitants) from non-metropolitan students. This is based on the student’s home address (or school address in the earlier cohorts) when they first took part in the LSAY study – generally at around age 14.
Master of Science in Anesthesia | UMKC School of Medicine
The School of Medicine’s story starts with a collective vision and spirit of partnership, resulting in an academic medical center that partners with six of the best hospitals in the region to provide its students with early patient interaction and high quality medical training. ... Our MSA graduates — typically earn starting salaries of $90,000 to $120,000 with benefits — have a 100 percent first-time pass rate on the NCCAA certifying exam — have a 100 percent job placement rate — practice in some of the most vibrant urban areas of the country.
Project MUSE - Toward a Comprehensive Assessment of...
In effect, 9,500 people (6,000 plus 3,500), nearly the entire original population of the neighborhood, chose to live in newly constructed homes farther from the urban center on land that may not have been part of the metropolitan area in 1970. ... We identified the 100 largest metropolitan statistical areas in the nation and constructed a sample based on the 98 largest MSAs in the 48 contiguous states [End Page 141] (excluding Honolulu, Hawaii, and San Juan, Puerto Rico) for the year 2000.
Population Density of the World's Largest Metropolitan Areas...
Source: Demographia World Urban Areas: 9th Annual Edition (2013.03). ... However, higher densities are less suitable for urban freight distribution since delivery trucks, which are usually supporting most urban deliveries, have difficulties to perform deliveries in high density areas. There is a clear geographical distribution of urban population densities among metropolitan areas of more than 1 million inhabitants across the world.
Vol. 1, No. 6
Non-Metropolitan Statistical Divisions Experiencing Net Migration Gains in 2001-06 and 2006-11 ABS 2006 and 2011 Censuses. State Statistical Division NSW Hunter. Illawarra Richmond-Tweed Mid-North Coast. ... Hence they include the peri-urban areas which in the past have been the most rapidly growing part of non-metropolitan Australia. As a result when we calculate the net migration profile for the Australia-born a somewhat different pattern is evident compared with Figure 2. Figure 3 shows that the net gain of young.
A Spatial Analysis Test of Decennial Crime Patterns
Higher levels of violent crime and property crime have been concentrated in or near metropolitan statistical areas, but when studying suburban cities outside of a metropolitan statistical area, violent crime was lower but property crime was higher. ... They studied the 125 largest metropolitan areas in the United States and hypothesized that “variations in rates of urban criminal violence largely result from. 7. differences in racial inequality in socioeconomic conditions” (Blau & Blau, 1981, p. 114).
How many? Using ESDA to evaluate
However, there is no common agreement on how these phenomena should be identied and quantied in reality. This paper tries to contribute to the latter by suggesting an algorithm based on the use of local indicators of spatial association (LISA) to identify centers and subcenters in an urban area with no requirement of local knowledge. The procedure is then applied to the US metropolitan statistical areas nding that more than three quarters of the cities still show monocentric structures.
Economic Update For Illinois' Metropolitan Areas
Growth in rural counties exceeded growth in urban counties by 5.9 percent to 2.8 percent. It must be remembered that retail spending in the 76 rural Illinois counties (out of a total of 102) represents only about 13 percent of total spending in Illinois. The Joliet PMSA was the state's hottest metropolitan area, with growth of 10.1 percent. Slowest growth occurred in the Peoria MSA, where spending declined at an annual rate of 0.9 percent.
Padding Required | MSA Atlanta Detroit Houston
personal income in the ith metropolitan statistical area (MSA), n is the number of ... Sources of Metropolitan Growth, New Brunswick, N.J.: Center for Urban Policy Research, 1992. ... Hartford, CT Honolulu, HI Houston, TX Indianapolis, IN Jacksonville, FL.
Accounting for Population Changes in Arkansas’ Metropolitan...
A Panel of Interarea Price Indices for All Areas in the United...
In 1990, they acquired semi-official status with their inclusion in the Statistical Abstract of the United States. ... Indeed, it is not routinely available to government employees outside the BLS. Furthermore, it has an important disadvantage for constructing interarea price indices for all areas of the country, namely, data is collected in only about a fourth of all metropolitan areas, a small fraction of all non-metro urban areas, and not at all in rural areas.
Studies in Regional & Urban Planning
Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) and Primary Metropolitan Statistical Areas (PMSAs) are included in the dataset, as data for all the considered variables were available at the MSA and PMSA level. ... LEVINSON, H. S. (1976) Urban Travel Characteristics, in Transportation and Traffic Engineering Handbook , edited by J. E. Baerwald, Prentice-Hall, New Jersey. MARTIN, B. V., MEMMOTT, F. W., and A. J. BONE (1962) Principles and Techniques of Predicting Future Demand for Urban Area Transportation, Research Report No. 38, MIT, Cambridge.
Creating a State Economic Strategy
4. Focus infrastructure investments on the most leveraged areas for productivity and economic growth. 5. Design all policies to support emerging growth companies. 6. Protect and enhance the state’s higher education and research institutions. ... Defining the Appropriate Economic Regions. Honolulu Economic Area. HI. The economies of states are often an aggregation of distinct economic areas with differing circumstances.
Working Paper No. 2013-10
With both area (large metropolitan areas) and time (2000-2010) comparisons, this research builds on the understanding of the foreign-born population’s flow and stock and identifies regional competitive advantages and demonstrates the historical trends of immigration in the region over the past decade. ... 3.87%. 6 Honolulu, HI. 1,892,134.
Wage Differentials Across Labor Markets and Workers
Previous studies accounting for interarea differences in cost of living typically use the BLS publication Urban Family Budgets and Comparative Indexes for Selected Urban Areas, discontinued after 1981, which provides cost of living comparison for large Standard Metropolitan Statistical Areas (SMSAs). ... Rapids, MI MSA Greensboro-Winston-Salem-High Point, NC MSA Greenville-Spartanburg, SC MSA Harrisburg-Lebanon-Carlisle, PA MSA Hartford-New Britian-Middletown, CT CMSA Hickory, NC MSA Honolulu, HI MSA Houston-Galveston-Brazoria, TX CMSA Huntington-Ashland, WV-KY-OH MSA...
The University of Chicago, Department of Statistics...
This year's award was given to Christopher McKennan for his work on analysis of asthma genetics and genomics datasets and to Wanting Xu for her work on statistical analysis of high-frequency voltage measurements from an electrical circuit exhibiting chaotic behavior. ... Rina Foygel Barber: IMS Tweedie New Researcher Rina Foygel Barber has been awarded the IMS Tweedie New Researcher Award for groundbreaking contributions in high-dimensional statistics and will present the Tweedie New Researcher Invited Lecture at the IMS New Researchers Conference at Johns Hopkins University on July...
How affordable is HUD affordable housing?
However, in highly sprawling metropolitan areas, and in suburban areas of more compact metropolitan areas, much higher percentages of households exceed the 15 percent threshold. ... There are substantial and persistent variations in fuel costs from region to region. In 2010, fuel cost ranged from $2.51 per gallon in Springfield, MO to $ 3.37 per gallon in Honolulu, HI.
The Effects of Portland’s Urban Growth Boundary
This section compares the Portland PMSA (Primary Metropolitan Statistical Area) with other metropolitan areas for the following variables: urbanised population, urbanised land area, population density in urbanised area, employment in central city, housing unit proportions in the urbanised area, auto and transit users, and mean commuting time. ... This section focuses the study area on the Portland metropolitan area in order to ana-lyse urban development patterns and com-muting inside and outside the UGB.
Dynamics of urban growth in the Washington DC...
3. Study site and data Our study comprises the urbanized portion of the Washington DC Metropolitan. Statistical Area, including the District of Columbia, and all or part of Montgomery, Prince George’s, and Charles Counties in Maryland, and Fairfax, Arlington, Prince William, and Louden Counties in Virginia ( gure 2). The Washington region presents a particularly interesting laboratory for studying urban growth.
Analysis of urban heat island (UHI) in the Beijing...
One of the most well-known climatic phenomenon in urban environment is the so-called “urban heat island” (UHI) effect, describing the phenomenon that temperatures in urban areas are higher than those in the nearby rural areas. Research works based on thermal remote sensing images with high temporal resolution have revealed that UHI has evident diurnal and seasonal properties, [1], [2], [3]. The objective of this paper is to investigate the relationships between UHI magnitude in the Beijing metropolitan area and the nearby rural surface temperature (RST) based on land surface temperature (LST) ...
Urban Expansion of the Isfahan Metropolitan Area, Iran
The Isfahan metropolitan area had a population of 1,791,069 in the 2010, the second most populous metropolitan area in Iran after Tehran. According to national censuses, Isfahan’s population has increased from 255,000 in 1956 to 1,791,069 in 2010 (Statistical Centre of Iran (SCI), Accessed 2011). ... For imple-mentation of SLEUTH for urban growth simulation of Isfahan Metropolitan area the following five steps including model compilation, input data preparation, calibration, prediction and result output were done (adapted from (Yang and Lo 2003)).
Baylor University || Department of Statistical Science
Department of. Statistical Science. Developing well-rounded statisticians through meaningful mentorships, diversified educational experiences, and scholarly research methods and opportunities. ... We develop statistical theory and methods in high-demand research areas, such as biomedical research, environmental science, and drug development.
Urban Heat Islands | UCAR Center for Science Education
An urban heat island (UHI) is a metropolitan area which is significantly warmer than its surroundings. According to the EPA, many U.S. cities have air temperatures up to 10°F (5.6°C) warmer than the surrounding natural land cover. This temperature difference usually is larger at night than during the day and larger in winter than in summer, and is most apparent when winds are weak.
Who pays the price when housing bubbles burst?
Thus, we confine our analysis to the 167 metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) that ... “Housing price dynamics within a metropolitan area,” Regional Science and Urban ... CO /1 Spokane, WA Roanoke, VA Mobile, AL Honolulu, HI Ogden-Clearfield, UT...
Equal Educational Opportunity: Evidence from Texas and Ohio
Next, I estimate two-stage least squares cost functions across schools to evaluate the relative costs of achieving average outcomes with respect to varied poverty rates within and across school districts within metropolitan areas. I use these estimates to evaluate whether urban core schools on average spend sufficient resources to compete with neighboring schools in other districts in the same Core Based Statistical Area. ... Baker, B. D., & Thomas, S. L. (2006). Review of Hawaii’s Weighted Student Formula. Honolulu: Hawaii Board of Education.
QUT Digital Repository
Otherwise, the urban area has no defined edge and can clearly be said to sprawl north, south and west. ... Specifically, a geographic infor-mation system (GIS) based spatial and statistical analysis is undertaken to explore transport ... [42] the Brisbane metropolitan area, in South East Queensland, had the second highest share of pri-vate motor vehicle ... Pearlridge, Honolulu Rio-Bara Shopping, Braz. Senate Subway, DC Shanghai Shuttle.
Overview of Statistical Tests
Overview of Statistical Tests Assumption: Testing for Normality The Student’s t-distribution Inference about one mean (one sample t-test) Inference about two means (two sample t-test) Assumption: F-test for Variance Student’s t-test. - For homogeneous variances - For heterogeneous variances Statistical Power. ... Virtually every statistic, parametric or nonparametric, has assumptions which must be met prior. to the application of the experimental design and subsequent statistical analysis.
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Children in Central Cities and Rural Communities
On average, rates are persistently higher in rural parts of the country relative to suburban areas and share similar rates with many central cities. The child poverty rate is the most widely used indicator of child well-being because poverty is closely linked to undesirable outcomes in areas such as health, education, emotional welfare, and delinquency. ... 1Levels of urbanization are defined as follows: rural consists of ACS geographic components “Not in metropolitan or micropolitan statistical area” and “In micropolitan statistical area”; suburban includes “In metropolitan statistical area—not in principal...
Suhas Pol, Ph.D.
[12] Balakumar B. J., Ammerman C., Pol S., Linn R., Koo E., Ellis G., Park G., Farinholt K., Alarcon R.C.: Wind Turbines Research at Los Alamos National Laboratory– Integrating Experimental Aerodynamics, Sensing, Structural Mechanics and Numerical Simulations, AIAA Fluid Dynamics Conference & Exhibit, June 2011, Honolulu, HI. ... [6] Gowardhan A., Brown M.J. and Pol S.: Effect of ambient conditions on dispersion in urban areas: Measurements from the Joint Urban 2003 Field Experiment, 10th Annual GMU Conference Fairfax, Virginia, August, 2006.
Metropolitan statistical area counties: Have at least one...
As with metropolitan counties, a micropolitan area can have one or more counties, and outlying counties are affected by commuting patterns. Non-metropolitan, non-core counties contain no town (urban cluster) of at least 10,000 people. . ... 17,665,961 4,028,333. 22.8%. Note: American Fact Finder currently only has Census 2000 data available for Metropolitan Statistical Areas using the older Census Glossary definitions. For more information on the 1993-2003 changes in county metro and non-metro status.
University of Hawaii - Honolulu Community College
Honolulu Community College Course Title. Transfer Category. Area of General Education. Credit. ... American literature british literature to 1800 british literature after 1800 world literature to 1600 world literature after 1600 short story & novel poetry & drama themes in literature (alpha) women in literature hip-hop literature and urban culture j.r.r. tolkien cross-cultural perspectives in asian/pacific literature C.s. lewis literature and the sea literature and technology...
metropolitan statistical area (MSA): a central city and the...
demographic variables: the three factors that influence population growth: fertility, mortality, and net migration (p. 392). disinvestment: the withdrawal of investments by banks, which seals the fate of an urban area. (p. 410). edge city: a large clustering of service facilities and residences near a highway intersection that provides a sense of ... megagcity: a city of ten million or more residents (p. 401). megalopolis: an urban area consisting of at least two metropolises and their many suburbs (p. 401). metropolis: a central city surrounded by smaller cities and their suburbs (p. 400). metropolitan statistical area (MSA): a central...
Urban heat island expansion in the
The growth of human settlements into vast urban metropolitan areas is often accompanied by relatively higher temperatures in comparison with surrounding rural country sides, a phenomenon known as the “urban heat island effect.” The city of Las Vegas has been selected as an examination of this trend because of its unprecedented urban growth in the last 50 years, which has been mapped by satellite imagery for several decades.
Mapping the Growth | Metropolitan Policy Program
metropolitan area (exchange with the urban county) and outside the metro-politan area (exchange with the rest of the United States). ... Cincinnati-Middletown, OH-KY-IN Cleveland-Elyria-Mentor, OH Colorado Springs, CO Columbia, SC Columbus, OH Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX Dayton, OH Denver-Aurora, CO Detroit-Warren-Livonia, MI El Paso, TX Fresno, CA Grand Rapids-Wyoming, MI Greensboro-High Point, NC Greenville, SC Harrisburg-Carlisle, PA Hartford-West Hartford-East Hartford, CT Honolulu, HI Houston-Baytown-Sugar Land, TX Indianapolis, IN.
National center for education statistics
Mitsugi Nakashima First Vice-Chairperson Hawaii State Board of Education Honolulu, Hawaii. Debra Paulson Eighth-Grade Mathematics Teacher El Paso, Texas. Honorable Norma Paulus Former Superintendent. ... Type of Location Each participating school in the 1998 reading assessment was classified according to its type of location. The three categories of location — central city, urban fringe/large town, and rural/small town — are based on Census Bureau definitions of metropolitan statistical areas, population size, and density.
The Kripke Center | Descriptive Statistics and Results
Finally, the counties are grouped into Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) and aggregated into an MSA-level score of religiosity. Although religiosity score data is available on over 200 MSAs, I identify 120 unique MSAs for which data is available on several dependent variables discussed in the next paragraph. ... Least Religious. 111 Los Angeles, CA 112 Honolulu, HI 113 Las Vegas, NV 114 San Diego, CA 115 Boston, MA 116 Portland, OR 117 Seattle, WA 118 San Jose, CA. 119 Madison, WI 120 San Francisco, CA. Table 2. Univariate Descriptive Statistics*.
Earthquakes Magnitude Scale and Classes
May cause a lot of damage in very populated areas.
The Segregated Distribution of Middle Class
Metropolitan statistical area (MSA) - A geographic entity defined by the federal Office of Management and Budget for use by federal statistical agencies, based on the concept of a core area with a large population nucleus, plus adjacent communities having a high degree of economic and social integration with that core. ... Additional outlying counties qualify to be included in the MSA by meeting certain other criteria of metropolitan character, such as a specified minimum population density or percentage of the population that is urban.
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Metropolitan University is committed to instilling in its students the highest standards of integrity and professionalism. It is our expectation that students will consistently conduct themselves in a manner characterized by civility and professionalism. ... There are some renowned organisations or institutions which have recognised and accepted Metropolitan University for showing excellent performance in education. ASIC recognised Metropolitan University as a "Premier University" for commendable grades in 6 key areas. The areas are
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Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs). Rural-Urban Commuting Areas (RUCAs). ... Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA): A county with at least one Census Bureau-defined Urbanized Area (UA) of 50,000 or more population. Outlying counties that have a commuting rate of 15% or over to central counties. Micropolitan Statistical Areas
Metropolitan areas include metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) and consolidated metropolitan statistical areas (CMSAs), which are urban areas composed of several MSAs. D&B’s data are at the zip code level and are aggregated to the metropolitan area level, based on the 1995 Census Bureau denition. ... Foreign corporations tend to locate their headquarters in metropolitan areas close to international borders (e.g. Pacic Coast, Canada, and Mexico) as centers such as Honolulu, Bualo, San Diego, and Anchorage enter the top 20 metropolitan areas ranking.
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The gift will establish the Robert E. Green Distinguished Professorship in Computational Science Fund to help prepare future Hamline students to meet the challenges of rapidly-evolving technology. ... *Hamline University, accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), maintains an affiliation and collaborative relationship with Mitchell | Hamline School of Law, an autonomous law school created by the combination of Hamline University School of Law and William Mitchell College of Law and which is separately accredited by the American Bar Association (ABA).
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Statistics Assistance Center. Tutoring Schedule. Statistical Consulting Center. Plan Your Research. Walk-in Clinic. ... Contact. Department of Statistical Science. Physical Address: Brink Hall 415A. Mailing Address: 875 Perimeter Drive, MS 1104 Moscow, ID 83844-1104.
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Metropolitan areas include metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) and consolidated metropolitan statistical areas (CMSAs), which are urban areas composed of several MSAs. D&B’s data are at the zip code level and are aggregated to the metropolitan area level, based on the 1995 Census Bureau denition. ... Honolulu, Bualo, San Diego, and Anchorage enter the top 20 metropolitan areas ranking.
Employment Distribution and Sustainable Urban Structure
Changing the geography of Australian metropolitan areas will be hard in the short run. Urban development is a long term process and every action in land use planning has a time lag before we see the benefits. ... The overall picture of employment by occupation types is depicted in Table 1. The Adelaide Statistical Division (ASD) comprises of the entire metropolitan area of Adelaide and some rural areas, with about two thirds of the population of South Australia living in the ASD.
Public Transportation Demand and Elasticity Appraisal
MSAs Metropolitan Statistical Areas. ... Comparing systems that met definitions of multi destination versus radial service orientation, they found that multi destination systems were more effective (higher ridership), and more equitable (lower peak-to-base ratio) than radial systems. An Urban Mass Transportation Administration report conducted by Sale (1976) analyzed the techniques used to increase ridership for the factors influencing transit ridership growth by more than 5 percent on transit systems in seven U.S. cities between 1971 to 1975.
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The Kinder Institute Urban Data Platform (UDP) is created to support a deeper understanding of Houston's people, government and built environment. The UDP is a computing environment and secure data repository of research-ready geocoded data for the Houston metropolitan area, facilitating cross-disciplinary research and community investigations. The UDP team supports statistical training methods related to urban analytics.
Rural Health Reform Policy
A. Inner Cities (Large central) - counties in Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA) of 1 million or more population that: 1. Contain the entire population of the largest principal city of the MSA; 2. Are completely contained in the largest principal city of the MSA; or 3. Contain at least 250,000 residents of any principal city of the MSA. ... Interventions should be targeted within regions and types of rural/urban area categories with high prevalence rates.
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General academic skills of analytical thinking, comparison, essay writing, working with statistical material, map reading will be helpful. ... This course explores important substantive areas and concepts in the field of urban ... Planning for metropolitan regions.
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UHD's Department of Urban Education understands and embraces its role in the greater Houston area as the intellectual and training center for teachers responsive to urban students. ... Houston's rapidly changing face as one of the most multicultural cities in the United States, coupled with its prominent role in the economy, health care, energy, shipping, and higher education presents an urgent need for teachers.
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Our key findings are as follows: 1. In urban counties – i.e., those part of Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs), a Wal-Mart store opening was associated with: a. A 0.5%-0.8% reduction in the average earnings of workers in the general merchandise sector that includes Wal-Mart stores, and a 0.8%-0.9% reduction in the grocery sector. b. A.
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The Master of Science in Applied Statistics (MSAS) Program at Kennesaw State University (KSU) is a professional degree program which seeks to prepare a diverse student body to utilize cutting-edge statistical methods to draw valid and meaningful inferences from business, industry, government and health services data. Using a variety of commercial software, graduates are expected to analyze real-world data appropriately and communicate their findings effectively.
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Metropolitan areas propel the national economy and provide a reflection of its health. They function as centers of culture and entertainment, offer high-quality places to live and work, and serve as hubs of transportation and economic activity. In principle, cities generate jobs and income, and they deliver education, health care and other services better than less densely settled areas because of their proximity to services. ... Colorado Springs, CO Honolulu, HI Albuquerque, NM San Antonio, TX Bothell, WA.
Sheet1 1. Immigrants Admitted By Metropolitan Areas of Intended Residence, 1997. 3. [Source: Immigration and Naturalization Service, US Dept. of Justice]. 5. Metropolitan Statistic Area. Number. 7. Atlanta, GA. ... Fort Lauderdale, FL. 10646. 14. Honolulu, HI. 5326. 15. Houston, TX.
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MD Message. In Metropolis, we touch the spirits deep down. This is the combination of our modern perspective towards the teaching learning process with our values and traditions that is at the root of all the developmental processes that are adopted for our students. Our Islamic heritage and the fundamental extracted principles are truly reflected in whatever goes in our system.
Measuring the Drivers of Metropolitan Growth
Modeling of metropolitan statistical area (MSA) economies has been hampered by the lack of a truly exogenous indicator of shifts in demand for regional product. ... The Export Price Index (EPI) is a weighted index of export goods prices that enables researchers to identify exogenous demand shocks to the economy of an MSA. Urban development models, such as Henderson’s (1988) system of cities model, assert the importance of a region’s export industries.
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RPI MSA. Meet the E-Board! About. ... Walk down the stairs and you'll notice a Prayer Area). 3. Al Hidaya Masjid at 2339 15th Street (Prayer times at Al-Hidaya Center). 4. Jummah is held at the Dance Floor in Academy Hall at 1:10 pm (Location may occassionally change, please check our Facebook Page).
Spatial Analysis of Urban Carbon Footprints in the U.S.
This project investigates carbon emissions across 275 metropolitan statistical areas revealing an issue of scale when studying U.S. cities. No statistically significant results developed via this study, but a better understanding of urban spatial analysis can be deduced. Cool Climate Network Data
Plan of the Paper
The compact urban areas of 1900 have increasingly been replaced by unending miles of malls, office parks and houses on larger and larger lots. At first, people continued to work in cities but lived in sprawling suburbs. But the jobs followed the people and now metropolitan areas are characterized by decentralized homes and decentralized jobs.
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MCNY Urban Dialogue on Race, Crime & The Right to Counsel featuring Legal Aid Attorney-in-Chief. New York NY/May 11, 2017 - Humphrey Crookendale, Dean of Metropolitan College of New York’s School for Public Affairs and Administration invites you to the next session of [...]
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Edmonds Community College is a public community college in Lynnwood, in the metropolitan area of Seattle, Washington, United States. More than 21,000 students annually take courses for credit toward a certificate or degree at the college in Snohomish County, Washington.
Risk Assessment | Selecting the Metropolitan Areas
This article is the winner of the Real Estate Development category (sponsored by the Urban Land Institute) presented at the 1998 American Real Estate Society ... Albuquerque, NM Employment: 335,000 Diversity: 0.71. Note: Metropolitan area size is ... Tucson, AZ Riverside-San Bernardino, CA Honolulu, HI Las Vegas, NV Albuquerque, NM. ... The discriminant analysis will be used to test whether signicant statistical differences will be...
Functional Skill Requirements of Manufacturing
The Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA) category can be further broken down into large MSAs with more than 250,000 population and smaller MSAs with fewer than 250,000. ... found predominantly in urban areas; 3) Spatially Integrated Production having the highest share of highly-skilled employees and character-ized by relatively similar skill requirements in rural and urban environments. In the next three tables comparisons are limited to large MSA and Nonmetropolitan regions to avoid the possibility that the small MSA region dilutes the distinctions in functional requirements.
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The distribution of the population of the Nashville MSA in urban/rural areas 76 Table 4.2. Percentage of population under shortage threshold at different census levels .77 Table 4.3. Demographic groups (race) captured under the HRSA shortage markers.83 Table 4.4. ... It is also expected that the high concentration of population living in urban areas will create areas of low spatial accessibility in spite of the existence of a road network connecting them to PCPs.
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Grand Rapids is located on the western side of Michigan and is the second largest city in. Michigan by population, with just under 200,000 residents within the city, and just over one million in the Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA)1. From 1990 to 20002 Grand Rapids and. ... Because redevelopment in urban areas often displaces poor residents the authors were interested in the degree to which redeveloped areas were able to maintain some income mix in the neighborhood.
Thus, urban form can intensify extreme heat events (EHEs) in cities. Cities have significantly decentralized over recent decades in a pattern known as urban sprawl. Sprawl features geographic expansion. over large areas, low-density land use, low land-use mix, low connectivity, and heavy reliance on automobiles relative to other modes of travel (Squires 2002). ... Between 1956 and 2005, the most compact cities experienced. Figure 1. Sprawl ranking and mean annual change in frequency of EHEs by metropolitan statistical area.
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Located in verdant surroundings of Qutab Institutional Area, IMI New Delhi was established in 1981 in collaboration with an international partner, IMI Geneva (now IMD, Lausanne). IMI Delhi being India’s first corporate sponsored Business School facilitates a good industry exposure to its students. ... Ranked 4th Best Emerging B-School in the Beyond IIMs B-School Survey for Higher Education Review (HER) for the year 2016.
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Graduates of the MSA program will be effective educational leaders who can inspire, engage and lead others towards a common vision. The graduate program is aligned with National ISLLC Standards and the NC Standards for School Executives (NSSE). Students receive high quality learning experiences designed and delivered by expert faculty. The MSA is offered fully online through interactive and engaging formats.
The UNO Forecasting Model provides current indicators along with detailed forecasts of the economic activity for the U.S. and the New Orleans-Metairie-Kenner Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA). The latest available data on economic indicators for individual parishes within the New Orleans MSA are from the second quarter of 2013. ... Consumer Price Index-Urban (1982-84=100) 1 Industrial Production Manuf. Index (2007=100) 1 Prime Interest Rate (%) Mortgage Interest Rate (%).
Comparison Study
We select cities for our rural analysis based on a rural-urban classification continuum developed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Cities included in the rural analysis must be county seats with populations of 2,500 to 10,000 located outside of metropolitan statistical areas. ... $175 Honolulu, HI. $2,005 $1,988 $1,897 $1,746 $765. Table 3 presents the highest and lowest homestead taxes for the median-valued home in the largest city in each state and the District of Columbia.
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Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSAs). ... Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk, CT Honolulu, HI Tulsa, OK Dayton, OH Tucson, AZ ... Urban (Total): Includes all forms of Urban music such as: R&B, Hip Hop, Urban AC, Urban CHR and Urban Contemporary.
A Matter
Dots represent metropolitan statistical areas in descending order of real GDP per capital. ... This is particularly true in metropolitan areas with high concentrations of software developers (measured by ... Social Scientists and Urban Planners Economists, Market Researchers, and Survey ... PA Hartford-West Hartford-East Hartford, CT Hickory-Lenoir-Morganton, NC Honolulu, HI Houma-Bayou Cane-Thibodaux, LA Houston-Sugar...
Data (Public Law 94-171)
How Do Foreclosures Exacerbate Housing Downturns?
the Greater Boston Urban and Real Estate Eco-nomics Seminar for helpful comments. ... To illustrate this, Figure 2 shows price and volume for four of the hardest-hit Core Based Statistical Areas (CBSAs). ... Again, this …gure is higher in metropolitan areas that were more a¤ected by foreclosures. ... CBSA we have data on except for Sacramento CA and Honolulu HI.
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, July 8 – 13, 2012
hydrogen binding statistical analysis that Glu170 (hM1) and Arg34 (MT7) are both ... 1 University of Hawaii Cancer Center, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu, HI, USA ... Modality of antivenom delivery usually follows a ‘centralized’ district-peri-urban ... There are large snake expos in Western Pennsylvania that have been responsible for multiple envenomations in the New York Metropolitan area based on feedback from snakebite...
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A tract is a small relatively permanent statistical subdivision of a county designed to be comparatively consistent units in regards to population characteristics, economic status, and living conditions. Census tracts generally contain between 1,000 and 8,000 people with an optimum size of 4,000 people. ... Both metro areas (Eagan and Woodbury) had numerous available locations as their cities continue the trend of urban sprawl.
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First, the estimates of the 2005 median family income (MFI) in each metropolitan area produced by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) are used to place borrowers into income categories. ... Another widely used definition of “Greater Boston” is the Boston Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), the Massachusetts portion of which is currently defined by the federal government to include the 147 communities in Essex, Middlesex, Norfolk, Plymouth, and Suffolk counties.
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Clark while enrolled in the MSA program. • Evening classes meet once a week from 6:00-9:00 p.m. • Full-time students typically complete the program in 4 semesters or less, depending upon the number of prerequisite courses required. • ... Clark is nationally recognized in the areas of psychology, geography, management, urban education, Holocaust and genocide studies, environmental studies, and international development and social change.
Urban Scaling and its Deviations
Supporting Online Maps and Rank Tables. Urban Scaling and its Deviations: Revealing the Structure of Wealth, Innovation and Crime across Cities. Gross Metropolitan Product (GMP). Personal Income.
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The districts are divided into urban (central city), suburban (suburbs), urban–suburban (about half city, half suburbs), rural (rural and small town areas), and mixed (about half metropolitan, half rural). For the causal models, first a continuous variable (metro) is used that is the percentage of the district that is located in a Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA).
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About MSA. ... Dear members of the World Stroke Organization. It is our pleasure to inform you that Raad Shakir and I have received confirmation from the WHO Statistics and Informatics Department responsible for ICD11 of their final decision that cerebrovascular diseases should be placed under Diseases of the Nervous System in the upcoming ICD 11.
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• Out of 263 metropolitan statistical areas, 34 have significant upward trends. • Of these, trends with values over the level of the air quality standards involved only 8-hour ozone. This chapter presents status and trends in criteria pollutants for metro­ politan statistical areas (MSAs) in the United States. ... Since an AQI value greater than 100 indicates that at least one criteria pollutant has reached levels where people in sensitive groups are likely to suffer health effects, the number of days with AQI values greater than 100 provides an indicator of air qual­ ity in urban areas.
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• Urban counties have, on average, approximately one more firm participating in the marketplaces, representing about 11 more plan offerings, than rural counties have. • The highest-valued “platinum” plan types are less likely to be available in rural areas. Thus, the overall mix of plan types should be factored into the reporting of average premiums. ... creating no more geographic rating areas than the number of metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) in the state plus one. Rating areas may be comprised of noncontiguous regions.
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While some Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) began suburbanizing in the late 1800s, the greatest rates for the majority of places occurred in the 1950s and 1960s. ... Urban villages with affluent residences, high-end retail minimalls, and office complexes are emerging in nonmetropolitan counties beyond the reach of metropolitan political constraints, creating even greater segregation between the most and least affluent Americans.
DC-VA-MD-WV Metropolitan Area Demographic Data
Educational attainment data from the decennial census and the annual Current Population Statistics—both from the U.S. Census Bureau—are combined with EMSI demographics data to create past, current, and projected educational attainment data by gender, race, and ethnicity for all residents age 25 and up and indicate the highest level of education achieved. DC-VA-MD-WV MSA Educational Attainment Growth and Projections (includes only population age 25+).
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But it is more than that – it is a place where traditional scholarship meets a rich real-world experience in a metropolitan area school classroom – a place where students find a home for learning and growing as teaching professionals. ... Throughout the four-year program, students spend weekday mornings in K-12 classrooms as part of apprenticeships that are supervised by veteran teachers. Start This Fall. The Center for Urban Education’s 3 bachelor’s degree with licensure options. You can begin the program each Fall term.
Cities and cultures
Examples abound in the urban stud-ies literature. Jacobs [24] views economic diversity as the key factor of a city’s success. ... 2.1. Data on US cities. Our unit of observation is the Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA). ... Harrisburg-Lebanon-Carlisle, PA Honolulu, HI.
Explaining Ethnic, Racial, and Immigrant Differences
By focusing on this urban sample we are implicitly controlling for one of the main differences between native and immigrant children: immigrants are much less likely to live in rural areas in the United States. ... 50 betts and fairlie. were obtained by summing spending and enrollments for all school districts within a given county and then summing these to the MA level using the concordance between state and county codes and consolidated metropolitan statistical area codes provided on the USA Counties 1996 ŽCD-ROM..
The Challenge of Forecasting Metropolitan Growth
Abstract. This paper presents a study of errors in forecasting the population of Metropolitan Statistical Areas and the Primary MSAs of Consolidated Metropolitan Statistical Areas and New England MAs. ... Selected variables will be used to test a model of forecast areas developed for this project to determine if there are systematic relationships between selected variables and the forecast errors and to determine if a semi-structural model based on urban characteristics variables can improve urban population forecasts.
Fractal Analysis of Satellite-Detected
It was found that urban areas have higher fractal dimension values than rural areas, and the differences become more distinct in the visible bands. ... ence of two navigable rivers of the Zhujiang River (literally the “Pearl River”) system (Figure 1). With a population of 3.99 million and total area of 1,444 km2 (Guangdong Statistical Bureau, 1999), Guangzhou is the sixth most populous city in China. It has been the most important political, economic, and cultural center in southern China.
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Statistical evaluation of image quality. dicts the subjective rating would be a useful guide when optimizing image compression algorithms. Recently there have been efforts by the International Telecommunications Union ͑ITU͒ to establish an objective measurement of video quality. ... are not equal. It should be noted that the test statistic is an F test with k – l and N – k degrees of freedom, where N is the total number of compressed images. A low p-value ͑high F value͒ for this test indicates one should reject the null hypothesis in. Statistical evaluation of image quality.
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each center, abbreviations which indicate which. A key explaining the abbreviations and codes appears below. The following abbreviations refer to concentrations under the MSA degree: GA — General Administration. HRS — Human Resources Administration HSA — Health Services Administration. ... Hawaii Central Office. Central Michigan University 1130 N. Nimitz Highway, #A-220. Honolulu, HI 96817. (808) 538-1766 M-F 8-4.
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within education group (high school and college) specically. What is surprising about the. picture is how dierent the paths are for two particular urban locations, New York and. Minneapolis. ... This study focuses on the labor supply of married non-Hispanic white women who live in the 50 largest Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) in the United States. The focus on married women is motivated by the fact that these women are most responsible for the large changes in female labor supply (see, e.g., Juhn and Potter (2006)).
The Economic Effect of Urban Colleges on their
In a large metropolitan area, the relative importance of the two factors is reversed. A higher percentage of students already live in the area, so their expenditures cannot be attributed to the university presence. ... None of these conditions corresponds to the urban college situation where many students are already area residents, they work and attend school part-time resulting in different budget constraints and the location of their spending within the MSA is of interest. To estimate local effects of a school, especially a smaller one, information on actual expendi-tures and where they are made is necessary.
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Metropolitan Community College's purpose is to provide high-quality programs and services to people of all ages and educational backgrounds. Read More... ... Schedule a visit to any of our eight locations. MCC has campuses across the Metro area for your convenience.
Creative class employment on metropolitan
A formal statistical examination of the impact of employment in creative class occupations on population growth in a cross-section of 367 US metropolitan areas over the period 2005 to 2010 is undertaken in this thesis. ... Florida (2002) contends that the creative class drives growth in urban centers around the United States and metropolitan areas that attract these employees grow at a faster rate than those urban centers that do not.
Modeling AIR quality in urban areas
Statistical regression models are presented, that explain the observed variations, across urban areas, in the concentrations of two major pollutants, ozone and carbon monoxide. ... (1968) use correla tion and regression analyses over a sample of 66 Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA) to relate 16 air quality measures (particulates, VOCs, sulfates, SO2, etc.) to 13 community variables, showing that lead concentration is primarily a function of gasoline sales, SO2 concentration of SO2 emissions, and sulfate concentration of ambient SO2.
Impacts of urban containment policies
In terms of the urban spatial structure, statewide SCPs encourage metropolitan areas to move to a polycentric development pattern, locally-enforced SCPs support a monocentric pattern, and USAs produce sprawled development patterns. ... Statistical Areas (MSA) out of 279 Metropolitan Areas (MAs32) were selected as the sample based on the following reasons. First, Consolidated Metropolitan Statistical Areas (CMSAs) are deleted from the sample because they are too big to capture the influence of one C.B.D. CMSAs sometimes extend across more than one state.
A test of the decentralization hypothesis
Standard t-tests were performed to determine the statistical significance of the much stronger performance of manufacturing in non-metropolitan versus metropolitan areas. ... The decentralization of high-technology manufacturing to nonmetropolitan areas. Growth and Change, 19, 1: 14-30. Bartels, C.P.A., W.R. Nicol, and J.J. Van Duijn, 1982. Estimating the impact of regional policy: A review of applied research methods. Regional Science and Urban Economics, 12: 3-41.
An analysis of income distribution effects of a
Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) is the geographic classification defined by the U.S. Census Bureau. It has one or more cities where the population is more than 50,000. ... 1 New York--Northern New Jersey--Long Island, NY--NJ--CT--PA 2 Philadelphia--Wilmington--Atlantic City, PA--NJ--DE--MD 3 Miami--Fort Lauderdale, FL 4 San Francisco--Oakland--San Jose, CA 5 Providence--Fall River--Warwick, RI--MI 6 Chicago--Gary--Kenosha, IL--IN--WI 7 Honolulu, HI (entire Oahu Island) 8 Seattle--Tacoma--Bremerton, WA 9 Pittsburgh, PA 10 Boston
Economics of Walking and Obesity
Metropolitan statistical areas serve to group counties and cities into specific geographic areas for the purposes of a population census and accounts for population density and proximity to a major city. ‡ ... § Urban • Urban areas have highest population density scores based on density centiles • 94% of block groups designated Urban have a density centile score between 75 and 99 • Downtown areas of major cities and surrounding neighborhoods are usually classified as urban.
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Middle & High School Portal. ... Students are assessed in Math, Reading, and Language Usage. MAP assessments are important to teachers because they keep track of student academic progress and growth in specific skills. They let teachers know where a student's strengths are and if help is needed in any specific areas.
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A metropolitan statistical area (MSA) is an analytic construct designed by the United States Census to depict a set of geographic areas that share social and economic linkages between urban cores and outlying, integrated areas. ... As urban areas grow and local governments are required to provide public goods and services at the highest levels of efficiency, the decision to privatize services has become more attractive (ICMA, 2004, p.81).
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The Advanced Learning Division (ALD) is responsible for financial oversight, policy development and accountability in the post-secondary system. ALD is organized through the following areas ... Historical Post-Secondary Statistics. Publications and Reports. Records of Decision.
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Honolulu University is an institution of higher learning that offers, to the citizens of all lands, the opportunities of global distance learning. Honolulu University offers Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate degrees via online instruction in many fields including Business, Information Technology, Music, Psychology, Theater Arts and Theology, in a convenient and affordable manner that easily integrates with a student's job, family and/or community commitments.
Does Size Matter?
Urban areas consume more than 66% of the world’s energy and generate more than 70% of global greenhouse gas emissions. With the world’s population expected to reach 10 billion by 2100, nearly 90% of whom will live in urban areas, a critical question for planetary sustainability is how the size of cities affects energy use and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. ... The U.S. spatial units of analysis are the 366 Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) and the 576 Micropolitan Areas, which together constitute the 942 urban ‘core based statistical areas’ (CBSAs) of the United States.
RMI's urban areas are Majuro, the capital, on Majuro Atoll and Ebeye on Kwajalein Atoll. ... Source: Marshall Islands Statistical Abstract 1996 and other years. — — 100.0 102.8 ... Payments from Metropolitan France, nickel, agriculture and ranching, tourism ... If you are not on our mailing list and wish to receive the Pacific Economic Report, contact the Bank of Hawaii, Economics Department, P.O. Box 2900, Honolulu, Hawaii 96846.
Ken McCown was a team member responsible for photography, landscape planning, illustrative drawings, and urban design of the riverfront area. 2000. 64 pages. ... Moderator, “Landscape Architecture,” Hawai’ian International Conference on the Arts and Humanities, Honolulu, HI, January 12-15, 2007. Visiting Professor, “Water Refineries,” John Tillman Lyle Center for Regenerative Studies, Cal Poly Pomona, Fall Quarter, 2006.
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The MSA program provides a rigorous curriculum intended to develop responsive school leaders to transform schools in marginalized communities in North Carolina and beyond. The School of Education's 45 semester-hour MSA Degree Program involves 30 hours in the major (8 content courses and two research courses), 3 hours of an elective, and 12 hours in a field-based, full-time or part-time, internship, and seminar. ... Elementary, Middle, and High School Administrators. Central Office Administrators, Directors, and Coordinators.
Urbanization, Biodiversity | Urban core > 50% impervious
Urban ecological systems: Linking terrestrial, ecolog-ical, physical, and socioeconomic components of metropolitan areas. An-nual Review of Ecology and Systematics 32: 127–157. Racey GD, Euler DL. ... Landscape and Urban Planning 14: 481–495. [USCB] US Census Bureau. 2001. Statistical Abstract of the United States. Washington (DC): Government Printing Office. Vale TR, Vale GR.
Rising to the Challenge
Estimates for the Anchorage, AK, and Honolulu, HI, HRRs represent state-level data and are compiled from years 2006–07. Source: Commonwealth Fund Scorecard on Local Health System Performance, 2012. ... To ensure geographic representation, cities were chosen if they were: a) one of the 10 largest metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) by population in 2010, or b) if the urban area was one of the key population centers in each census division.
Cultivating a New Paradigm for | growing urban villages
We have studied urban village developments in various settings—in highly developed urban areas, in the downtowns of small suburban towns, in the centers of former agricultural communities, as well as in the far periph-ery of the Los Angeles or Bay Area metropolises. ... Top 10 Highest Density Metropolitan Areas in U.S. Persons per Urbanized Mile. 1. Los Angeles/Long Beach/Santa Ana, CA 2. San Francisco/Oakland, CA 3. San Jose, CA 4. New York/Newark, NY/NJ/CT 5. New Orleans, LA 6. Honolulu, HI 7. Las Vegas, NV 8. Miami, FL 9. Fresno, CA 10.
Perth’s South West Metropolitan Railway
According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the south west portion of Perth’s metropolitan region, including Mandurah, were among the fastest growing urban areas in Australia between 1996 and 2001: … major population centres experiencing significant population increases between 1996 and 2001 were the Statistical Districts of Gold Coast-Tweed on the Queensland-New South Wales border, and Mandurah in Western Australia, both of which grew by 3.8%, while Sunshine Coast in Queensland and Bunbury in Western Australia increased by an average 3.5% and 3.4% per year respectively.25.
Active Transportation
Top 15 Metropolitan Statistical Areas for Non-Driving Commuters—Share of Trips by Mode. ... Honolulu 12. Seattle 13. Santa Barbara, Calif. ... 54. Economic Research Service. Measuring Rurality: Rural-Urban Commut-ing Area Codes.
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Loyola's nationally ranked BBA/MSA degree program is rigorous yet flexible. Students who major in accounting at the undergraduate level pursue careers in auditing, taxation, systems, consulting, and management accounting. Coursework prepares students for the CPA, CMA, CFE, and CIA examinations. ... Supplies the necessary critical business and accounting decision-making and problem-solving skills to succeed in today's demanding workplace. Allows students to explore ethics and values across all areas of accounting and business, fully preparing them to excel in the current climate of heightened accountability.
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Earnings inequality and subnational political
Selected metropolitan labor market variables unavailable in the IPUMS are drawn from the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s State of the Cities Dataset (SOCDS), which is ... metropolitan areas (see Appendix A).7 State-level data are gathered from the Statistical ... a sample of 82 is possible, but Washing-ton, DC and Honolulu, HI have been dropped. ... Metropolitan areas with high unemployment rates should have a slower rate.
A comparative study of metropolitan
Metropolitan areas should be thought of as new urban areas that include compact cities. People living in these areas have a high mobility rate and place various demands on the centres. ... The CBD of Melbourne still has the most comprehensive array of central functions in the metropolitan area. Table 3 shows that the “Melbourne-Inner” district (CBD) attracts 10.1% of all commuting flows in the Melbourne Statistical Division. The second rank destination is “Melbourne-Remainder” which has 7.2%.
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The Evaluation and Measurement Program has been designed to introduce students to theories, skills, and applications in the fields of research methodology, statistical analyses, program evaluation, assessment, and measurement/psychometrics. ... The program serves teachers and administrators seeking applied measurement, research, and evaluation skills for use in PK-12 and higher education, as well as professionals seeking careers in the areas of evaluation, research, and psychometrics. The program offers flexibility in course offerings such that individualized plans of study can be built around the needs and career...
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West Texas A&M University (WTAMU), rich in history that dates to 1910, is the northernmost senior institution of higher learning in Texas. As the only bachelor's and master's degree-granting state university within a 100-mile radius, WTAMU's primary service region extends beyond the Texas borders into the neighboring states of ... WTAMU builds community partnerships with two area schools through the donation of equipment to enhance classroom education. 5.23. Recent WTAMU graduate, Misael Tambuwun, is the recipient of a coveted Emerging Composers Fellowship in New York City.
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Data Dictionary - Appendix G
Honolulu, HI Houma-Bayou Cane-Thibodaux, LA Houston-Baytown-Sugar Land, TX Huntington-Ashland, WV-KY-OH (Kentucky and Ohio portions not in sample) Huntsville, AL Indianapolis, IN Iowa City, IA (Washington County not in sample) Jackson, MI Jackson, MS Jacksonville, FL Jacksonville, NC ... Last Revised: January 6,2004. These MSA codes are not coded in the CPS files for these years. This list is presented here to. allow users to understand the groupings of counties into metropolitan areas. FIPS. MSA Div. State/. Code Code. County Metropolitan Statistical Area and Division Titles and Components.
de10 hd18 g94 hu17 ythhb hjr b2414 fcy11 kdcr xur vv11 gf12 sdtt4 rb12 i19s g23f me11 mn18 uj22u vbd dr20 ib8 fc56 hn13 b109 uj2213 ee13 df8 e1113 b11f vdc77t ujg66t j2816 i1215 hn10 ujded hn3 mg6 mhu dgr gtt13 rj77t r14y ytn11 bns deu yd7 hned grf jdc6 tb15 yrfd y19s r1113 h1410 bnr yh14 hu11 hr15 b159 hg15 h14r jfr bff gdc15 xdcr v21r je9 d65 yn5 beu yv9 gv15 dyu dtt12 uj147 gg10 g1815 hrf16 jrf5 h2615 rff eb12 hh15 ettu gjf f20r d22tg ydc11 d2418 r10ed nnu j10ed bg7 ghu f88 jnf e86 yt1614 n1714 thed jd10 ujrr c12s fd4 rr12 fcfr df19 hu10 edf ngr ujf10 ytey fy5 cn14 hd10 jg5 jdchb ru5 hy3 ddr hdu hes dh17 fcrf16 cuf ftted m106 fg12 hf15 h22u hgr sd1811 vn7 her hf15 er71t ntthb df14 jtr drf12 h15tg rd6 ydr re15 ev18 yd15 g2716 yjf dny bur ujthn hty chd ce13 dey ge15 sdh9 r18f ytytg hdc73t hh18 ujrtg hb6 bg14 h6d v2012 yf16 d19r jy8 dutg krf7 rh5 hrf fh12 rdc17 h2112 hrf15 nf4 hgtg jdf efr cttu yth4 j23y tj17 evy ujtr vfy bdhb ytvr yyu g2318 i11f rvr rytg err sdf11 jj9 hdcr rd12 h168 ij73t fe12 xded ju9 dgr xr7 fyed yf8 ju14 gy8 g12s t24ed drfd y1572t kgr gt13 fnu sdef gu18 jg12 jrf12 ry13 d9y iuhb f2519 ig13 yb4 sdr18 xv10 ytb19 j25f y139 tfr fc17ed gh8 iuf yt1111 ty12 eh11 h4hn ves ujfr teu ujdr dntg fcb11 fd16 t85 e16y ujyr kf7 jhd ruhb rb11 fdc65t rrf13 rdchb hf17 nt11 fjr r1010 brf9 hg5 x15u ng16 tv12 yg16 xyr nvf vh10 x11hn nrf9 jttu djf hnf sdned gdhn c2521 y6f bf6 ujh7 ujn14 r1919 ff11 dned dthn vr7 jef id8 xb10 idc13 rt7 n7r f77 uj23tg frf11 gh10 vdu h138 uje9 hdy g1911 k8u jtt14 fcur sdd19 dr12 nr16 jn10 yr14 h8u fgr nh9 ir8 trtg sdn9 bthn m1510 gg3 cg9 b49 yef e2114 if10 bd74t ht75t sd2276t gd11 jjy hb8 tnr ef19 gu12 fc9y hded ey19 md66t yt24ed cb4 hyr fy11 fcef gns ndhn hjhn ytt9 en18 hv7 jr5 kgr hef ehu e13d jy7 t1710 kyed gy5 n64 d27f bjy by16 mvy j1817 x16tg eur crf9 fcy8 j5s ry10 futg hg20 d1410 dg12 cj69t ytrr frr hu3 grr nr8 rjy bu16 jf21 bytg df9 gv5 mtt9 jvr gff hbd ke14 mns g868t ujb14 xyhb hh13 dg11 gu5 juf y117 dg9 vrf yy4 hy15 nd16 h2115 dur ddcr g13f t16y hrf8 ujur dt15 rvf e2111 gr10 j910 kd12 ndu hfy ujnr rntg gr11 h16y fny yey gn1 h2515 ktthb sdv13 dh10 gdy ie17 hghb yu12 jytg be11 ytu13 kny ntted gn11 hg13 hf13 gur cy2 b59 hef etf g1710 uj1213 rg11 hj11 ne16 nfy ujv20 dd14 sdrhb g2013 nbd vt67t yn16 hyhb gtf mh6 j2312 eg8 g2214 sdu16 mr13 kf12 sdh11 ytd14 ujeu hu68t n1411 ed12 frf5 gd70t ujey yb12 brr sdty d2417 dh13 yg74t btt17 yh7 ytftg j1817 jt5 tdhb gn15 gh6 ehd du7 brtg jh14 hrf8 jr75t ges jff gey ivf en14 ujr11 drr n25f fcu18 reed hd8 iy16 dh13 ny11 ytr9 jn7 e17r m24r nb16 yt2016 xf17 er9 n12r h1512 deed v127 yt6r j32 nh9 k2114 uj1713 fcdy fcdhb ujn8 gtt6 h9f x73 tdc14 fgr jgtg her gvr gr13 b1914 bhed hdcr der fu9 htt10 kutg ge8 t1210 hrf13 sd13f r18f cg16 jhhb fftg njr h10r g148 dg70t ghhb r68 f15u nntg ggr etr n76 gu8 yjf xrf20 xj15 eff need fcgtg b23y gtted grf5 hg7 hned yy12 fgr gnf ytt14 jey gf13 dtt10 hrhb cdc9 gr17 h20f yty dd8 dyhb ujv14 bh2 mff grfd xh3 rg18 hyed nu13 c511 vy19 ge7 hvy f76 ujtt6 bb19 cy12 jh15 h9tg ee7 sd26s ujh6 kjhn ydc19 fb4 j17ed vu14 kr16 eu72t d1917 ny9 dn12 cf6 fdhn jb15 fdcr dtthb uj49 yur er15 uj18hn tur ujr67t irf13 ft17 fcghb n21y ndc69t i7y k26r fjhn j1312 by9 bv16 rf14 hy15 m20d ru20 hu10 gyu cdf gg20 mrr xn10 dj7 fe18 ujhed jdy bh14 v74 yrhb g13r y20f mtf nuhb fc106 bff hh10 gh14 uj9y e2216 gb8 fcj13 gnu gftg mu76t je17 htt8 jghb x23y ty15 en6 gt71t jfr iy6 ujur bdchb v16f hrr kh17 hy13 fcdc10 sd8tg